Les 7 péchés capitaux…. La Luxure

In France, It’s often said that one of the seven deadly sins called « La luxure » (or Lust in english) corresponds to luxury. (certainly because these two words are very similar.) Well, I know lust is not luxury, but as I was thinking about this common mistake people make, I just wanted to play with it and write something about Lust being Luxury for once ! 

So what about wearing an outfit looking like luxury ???
Have you ever wanted to wear gold but never did it because you thought it would be too much like a costume?  Well, FORGET IT ! Nowadays, every fashion stores like Zara, Mango or even H&M sell this typical silver or gold jeans. It’s definitely the new wave.
I only wear Black with Gold when this latter takes part in my outfit. That’s the only way not to look like a clown. But I still need to have a reminder and that’s why I put this gold necklace. Besides, typically like these gold buttons on my jacket. Sooooooo Luxury !!!
 As you see, the shoes are a mixture of classic boots with  wedge heels and marginal ones thanks to the hiden platform and the polished side of the shoes. And for the bag, no one can say Thierry Mugler does not belong to luxury. He is just so different from the others and proposes so many weird stuffs. I just Love him ! Remember his red carpet moment with Lady Gaga? so intense, unique and Magic !
Still a small Rock’n Roll touch with the belt !!!
Ha, if I could, I would also buy the silver jeans and create a whole new and unique holding dress with it ! But let’s be reasonable and stay focused on the next 6 other Deadly Sins…. Think it would enough for now ^^ 

Top : H&M (7,95€)
Belt : H&M (19,90€)
Jacket : H&M (39,90€)
Gold Jeans : Zara (39,90€)
Shoes : San Marina (119,90€)
Bag :Thierry Mugler (109,90€)
Part 2 coming out next week !!!
See you then girls…

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