From Parties…..With fashion !

Ever been willing to look gorgeous for the most official and important party of your life? It is crazy how necessary it is not to look too dressed (You know, too many jewels, too much make-up, too many clothes ^^). You simply need to find the PERFECT dress which sublimates your shapes, enhances your skin color, and makes you feel perfectly comfortable inside.

Let’s have a look :
If you have a body with a wasp waist and kind of marked hips, then choose a dress which constricts your waist and refines your hips. This dress has a very special material. It is a special type of satin. This material makes your dress look even more classy and chic – that is to say perfect for an official night !!)
Of Course, You can’t go out without taking something on you !! Therefore, in the aim of keeping this classy outfit and being warm at the same time : Not to be freezing outside when you go to this famous party, put a black and elegant trench with a skinny belt (as explained in « all you need is…fur » article) so that it puts the trench shaped. Take a small purse the same color as your skinny belt in order to have a reminder. The smaller one, the more convenient !!! Regarding the shoes, try to find some with the same color as your dress. My dress has pastel pink and light blue touch. And this pair of shoes has the light blue touch with some pastel pink flowers ! —> PERFECTLY associated with the dress.
And for your well-being and to drive people crazy about your back, attach your hair so that the others will be able to see the details of your dress and the delicacy of your waist.
Moreover, letting the knot well visible will definitely light up your back and accessorize your outfit at the same time.

THE MAKE-UP. Not too much, not too little, help yourself and make your eyes shadowed with almost the same color as your dress (in my case, the top of the dress). This will create a color gradient. And finally, don’t wear too many jewels, a simple sivler bracelet and small earrings are enough.


Dress : Naf Naf (59,90€)

Black Trench : New Look (29,90£)
Shoes : Forever 21 (27,95$)
Belt : BizzBee (5€)
Silver Bracelet : Agatha (49,90€)
Ur turn Girls !     

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