Night and day?

It often happens that you have a really busy schedule and therefore being able to manage everything can be a little difficult.  Just take an example people use to experience at least once a week. You work today but have no time to change for the party planned the same day? Don’t worry, I have the solution !
All you need to take is the outfit you’re going to wear for the day and maximum 3 accessories that you will keep in your bag.  LOOK :
THAT is the look women typically have when they go to work. They want to look sexy and feel comfortable in their clothes. Thus wearing high heels puts a light on the sexy side.

Usually when you go to work, you don’t want your hair to be a discomfort and braiding it could be a good solution in order to feel relaxed and ready to invest the best of yourself at you job.
To always keep this rock’n roll spirit, put a belt with lots of spades. As the tregging is quite close to your skin, simply wear a large tee-shirt which still tightens your breast. As I took a pale pink tee-shirt, I decided to carry a bag which reminds the colours of the tee-shirt. Finally, the leather jacket but WITHOUT any sleeves so that you can display your own inspiration by leaving your arms free or trying a Grey/Black/White… waistcoat.
Still the idea of the unavoidable accessories to take. Here, the ring reminds the colours of the bag and the tee-shirt and is really unique with its pyramidal shape. The Bracelet was choosen with the same colours’ principle.bague   
Now your workday is finished, let’s go to the party one of you friend has organized !!
No time to change? Neverminds ! Look how with only 2 accessories and 1 other jacket we can transform your outfit into a perfect party look !
1) Change you jacket
 2) Put a classy black necklace around your neck and let it go down. It will considerably dress your outfit and enhance you breast. 

Shoes : New look (39,90£)
Tregging : Zara (29,90€)
Tee-Shirt : Primark (5,90£)
Bracelet : Stradivarius (8,90€)
Ring : Mango (4,90€)
Leather Jacket : Naf Naf (89€)
Classy Jacket : Naf Naf (59€)
Bag : San Marina (59,90€)
Rocky Belt : Strawberries (5,90€)

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