All you need is…. Fur !

Whether the weather is hot or cold I can’t help but take my small piece of fur with me and my Huuge sunglasses. Oh yes I know, it may be mean to stay that but have you ever wanted to look like a glam rock star with kind of casual clothes in the street? Well, I have ! And I did !! 

1One UNavoidable thing to know is: We all need to wear comfortable shoes all day long as we definitely know we’ll have to put some high heels and skinny dress when the night comes.  (Which mean parties  , dancing and Drinking.….????)
2) As I explained in my last article, let’s not forget the accessories !!! Therefore, an imposing necklace covering almost all the top of your breast is perfect to dazzle the small little black dress you retrieve in you cupboard.
Then the skinny belt which considerably refines your waist (even makes you have a wasp waist)and finally the fashion watch (really looks like a bracelet ah?) mixing the beauty of a bracelet and the efficiency of a watch. And to conclude, the earring. Just ONE !!That’s the point. On the right or left, it does not matter. As you wear fur, do not hesitate to take a feather earring.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
3) Regarding the bag, just take a small and practical purse recalling the colors of the belt (in my case, GREY) 
4) But the MOST important thing to put is: FUR! It highlights your outfit and most of all, gives this part of Chic, which is pretty much pleasant !
And of course, you can also wear this outfit in winter, you will just need to put a beige blouse so that it reminds the color of your boots.

 – Dress : Promod (29,90€)                

 – Belt : Bizzbe (5€)                                     
 – Bag : San Marina (39,90€)                                
 – Fur : Stradivarius (24,90€)                                       
 – Necklace : Forever 21 (7,95$)               
 – Boots : Zara (29,90€)                       
 – Watch : Jules + James (39,90€)                   
 – Earrings : Strawberry (8$)  


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